Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Knudson - Firth Team Up

So here is the Knudson update for you. Got home from the mission at the end of April. My entire family was living in Washington at that time, which was so amazing. We took a family trip to Mexico and it was one of the better vacations I've ever been on. Not long after that I got a job selling cell phones. I was doing that for a few months when an interesting opportunity opened up. Back in 2006 my parents had built a house in Provo with the intention of selling it. Unfortunately the housing market kinda crashed, and so they weren't able to do that. They've been renting it ever since. But in September of last year the renters who had been there for awhile had moved out. The plan was to again try and sell the house. So I decided that, well I could either live at home for free or move to a college town in Utah for free. The option seemed obvious. Midway through October I moved out here and I'm still living to Provo dream. I'm basically going to live here until the house sells, which could be anywhere between 3 to 6 more months. In the mean time I transferred my cell phone sales to the Costco in Orem and I'm selling phones there now. I also have 4 roommates who are all more or less random. Life is good here.

But when I'm not working I have some other things that take up my time. I recently started a website and brought along Elder Firth as my second in command. Technically the site isn't officially up yet, but in about a month you will be able to go to . Basically I realized that I have a lot of connections in the gaming industry and so I decided to capitalize on that. Both of my brothers make board games for a living and my sister-in-law's father is the CFO of Toys R Us. The website is simple. I take the rules of games and I put them in video format. Basically how to play any game you can think of. I've also created a solid plan for monetizing it and its looking to be fairly promising. I'll be sure to keep you updated.

No long-term girlfriends at the moment, no life changing experiences per say. I keep in contact with a good handful of mission friends, and I run into someone from the mission just about every other week (working at Costco you see looottss of people). Elder Pace and I still talk every so often and has commissioned me to finalize the Daniel Dissertation. I'm probably not as proactive as I could be, but it is a fairly daunting task (especially working full time and starting a website and girls and life and whatever else).


Kathryn said...

I am looking forward to your video tutorials so I can out fox everyone in our next family game marathon. Good choice to make your way to Provo.

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