Monday, September 22, 2014

22 September 2014

Dear Mission Friends,

     How quickly time flies!  The air is crisp again with a breath of autumn, the leaves are turning gold against the deep blue sky and our thoughts are not far from those we love.  It is with great love and gratitude that we think of you.  We absolutely adore hearing from you as your lives develop and spread in so many directions.  We know your influence will have real meaning and purpose in this world that rocks from what seems the brink of disaster to moments of amazing brilliance.   We like to focus on the later.  Yes, President Colton remains the true optimist! 

     This summer we managed to gather most our family together for a couple of weeks.  It is a herculean task, -  believe me - but, oh so rewarding. Our oldest grandchild just turned 13 years old and the youngest was born this past May so it is a lively bunch.  This next generation is on the move and they are really something!  We are more grateful than ever for the anchor of the gospel in their lives. 

     We have been planning, reading, studying, and preparing to begin our assignment as Washington, DC Temple  President and Matron beginning 1 November.  We hope if any of you visit the DC temple you will make sure to see us.  We can’t think of a better place to meet up with you. 

     We have heard from a number of you recently and enjoy hearing about your plans and adventures.   We would love hearing from you all.  You are never far from our hearts.

A quote for you:
Our safety lies in the virtue of our lives.  Our strength lies in our righteousness.  God has made it clear that if we will not forsake Him, He will not forsake us.
                                                                                          President Hinckley 2002

With love,
The Colton’s

I thought I'd give you guys a brief update on life since it's been a while. Roxanne and I are still living happily out here in Denver. Life is beautiful and good and we couldn't be happier. I just got back from Fort Jackson, South Carolina where I spent three months in Chaplaincy basic training (Chaplaincy Basic Officer Leaders Course, or CH-BOLC, pronounced "chuh-bullok"). I also completed a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), which is very much like a chaplain's version of a doctor's residency, and took place at a hospital. This week was the beginning of my second year of my MDIV. Roxanne also starts her Fall semester at BYU-I online tomorrow. We both have part time jobs—Roxanne works at a Garden Center & Store and does landscaping, I am in the Army Reserves and I also teach beginners' swim lessons at Denver University.