Friday, April 25, 2014

Devon and Karin Tolley's October Announcement

The Tolley's are doing great. We have two cats Oats and Ruby, they love to play and sleep. We are grateful to be living in our first home for the past year. It is a three bedroom twin home that has amazing views of Utah Lake. Devon recently decided to make a change from going to school at BYU to UVU. His goal is to get his Ph. D. in Anthropology/Humanities with an emphasis in the how the personification of death is used in literature, art, music and culture. UVU has a wonderful integrated studies degree that will allow him to focus on both anthropology, the humanities and thanatology- the study of death and grief. He then wants to get his masters degree in Thanatology at one of the five schools, mostly on the east coast. We will see where we end up. Karin is working for a medical/dental claims clearinghouse keeping their operations department running as well as managing their business analyst/regulations department. She sits on the executive committee which has inspired her to go for her MBA. She is graduating with her bachelors degree in psychology in just a couple of weeks. We thought she might take a break as she has been going to school and working non stop for five years but the MBA program is calling. We have been serving as primary teaches of the CTR 6 class for the past nine months and loving it. We recently had to stop due to Karin being immunocompromised. 
Somewhere in all of this we managed to be blessed with starting our own eternal family. We are expecting the first Tolley baby in early Oct. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to become parents. This is also the reason Karin has become immunocompromised. The Dr.s tell us it isn't a really big deal and can be taken care of after the baby is born but until then she has to avoid children (other than close family members), large groups of people, those who have traveled abroad or to places where there have been outbreaks of MMR or other diseases that people can be immunized for. 

Jordan and Allie Crafton in California

President and Sister Colton and friends,

Life has been crazy for me and my wife Allie this last year. We both graduated from BYU (Allie Dec. 2012 and me April 2013). I applied and got into grad school, moved, and now in June I will complete my first year of Podiatric Medical School at Western University of Health Sciences College of Podiatric Medicine in beautiful Southern California. It's been tough but I'm loving it and I feel that this is what I'm supposed to being pursuing. Allie is working as a writer/editor and as a server at Cheesecake Factory. We have been married for about 3 and a half years.  Being in California has been full of great opportunities to share the gospel for both of us. I have a group that I study with often and they ask questions all the time. I will always be greatful for the opportunity to serve in Florida. It has shaped my life and given me better perspective. I am forever greatful also for the friends I made, for those I served with and around and for those I was able to teach. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true and He lives! Love you guys. Here's our update :)

Jordan and Allie Crafton

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thomas Hamann and Spouse Graduated

So my wife and I graduated from Brigham Young University Idaho this month. It was very exciting. Now I'm in the job hunt. A few leads fell through right before graduation, so now we are living in Bakersfield, California with some family. In the mean time I am looking for the right job, and preparing for grad school just in case one doesn't come around. We are considering Oregon State University to get my MBA. We are also preparing for our baby girl to arrive in July! Quite a chaotic point in our lives to be sure, but we are hanging in there! 

Mary (Lane) and Colton Hickman Take Internship in Henderson, Nevada

Life is wonderful! Colton just received a summer internship in Henderson, Nevada working for a company called "Olin Clor Alkali". He will be doing chemical manufacturing. He only has one more year left at BYU before he graduates in Chemical Engineering.

Since we are moving for the summer, I attempted to give my two-weeks-notice at work but instead my boss offered me an opportunity to work remotely from Nevada. I was blown away! We are feeling so blessed and grateful. Everything else is going well. We have lots of family and friends in Utah we will miss over the summer, but we are excited to meet new people and make new friends. 

Colton's health is still great. He gets an MRI every year, and there has been no reappearance of the brain tumor. 

Trevor Andreasen - a Commissioned Officer in US Air Force

I got married on March 28th, 2013 to Jordan Cox from Auburndale, FL, never met her in the mission. Sealed in the Orlando temple on that day.

I graduate from BYU on June 20th with a degree in Spanish and minor in Aerospace Studies.

I commission as an officer in the United States Air Force on June 20th.

I go to Undergraduate Pilot training on March 5, 2015 and will be there for a year and a half for training, then to where ever the Air Force sends me.

In the meantime, we are living with my in laws until training, so moving away from UT on the 24th of June. Looking for a job in Florida and looking to work on a masters or a private pilots license.

Gabriel and Roxanne Hess Going Gang Busters

Life is going well for Roxanne and myself here in Denver, Colorado. I am closing out my first year of graduate seminary here at Iliff School of Theology, working on my Masters of Divinity. Roxanne and I are very involved in our ward, Washington Park, which is a largely downtown ward. She has a calling in the Relief Society, I am in the Elder's quorum presidency, and we both have a joint calling as Gospel Doctrine teachers. We both have several jobs—I work as a swim instructor now and I also drill with the Army Reserves (my role there is as a chaplain candidate, essentially a chaplain resident/intern with the Army). Roxanne now has four jobs: math tutor, Macy's employee, garden center employee, and landscaping. She just finished out her semester at BYU-Idaho's online program, so she's happily working away.
I leave this summer, in 3 1/2 weeks, to do the Army's entire chaplaincy training, which will last three months and will take place at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. After this I will be 'branch qualified' as a chaplain in the Army, although I will not be eligible to actually be a full-fledged chaplain until I have finished my graduate seminary education, two years from now.
We are enjoying life together. We are happy, spring is in the air, and life is wonderful!

Sister Dorothy Erdman Explores Southern Utah

No news here, & at my stage of life, that's probably good news!  I enjoy seeing your posts on facebook--I hope you both are well & enjoying a beautiful spring.  I just returned frrom 2 1/2 weeks in Payson with Heidi--We made it to Capitol Reef & also Zion while I was there.  We love Southern Utah & all its exciting places, many of which were new to me when I was a student at BYU taking herpetology & geology fieldtrips.  We're hoping to go back to Arches this fall.  

Braden Bagley and Family Reside in St. George, Utah

Our beautiful daughter Harper turns 1 on May 6th. I graduated a year ago and we are now living in St. George. We enjoy our family ward and are currently teaching the 8 year old primary class. Life has been very good to the 3 of us during our short 5 years together. 

Michael Hofer and Spouse Travel to Dominican Republic and Haiti

Things have been busy!  I just graduated with my Bachelor's in Medical Laboratory Science!  I am super super excited about it and I am leaving my job at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital and going to work in at ARUP Laboratories in their Mass Spectrometry department.  My wife and I recently returned from a service trip to the border of the Dominican Repulic and Haiti.  I was translating of course.  We may go back this June again, I will keep you posted! 

Austin Wheat to study in LaPaz, Bolivia

I am at Arizona State University majoring in Geography. I have an upcoming internship with the State Department at the US Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Trenton Gates to Graduate from Snow College

May 3, 2014 I will be graduating from Snow College. After two amazing and interesting years here I am glad to be done and moving on with my education. As of right now I applied for an Associate of Science in Construction Management. However, at the end of this summer I plan to take the BYU Foreign Language Test and change my AS to and Associate of Arts. After Snow College I am going to attend Utah State University this coming fall semester. At USU I will be working on my Bachelor of Landscape Architecture; I plan being at Utah State for 4 years. This summer I will be moving to Springville, Utah. I will be working in Provo, Utah at Provo Parks and Recreation during the day on a landscape crew and Seven Peaks Waterpark as security during the evenings.  New adventures and new experiences await me. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Coby Hall and Shannon Doty to Wed

Coby Hall and Shannon Doty have set aside Friday, May 16, 2014 as their marriage date
in the Draper Temple.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Former FTM Missionaries Settle in Washington, DC Area

Eric Sorensen and his wife, Kali - Josh Bagley and his wife Monica - Steve Pierce and his wife Jesse came to brunch this past Saturday morning.  How life does move on.  We understand we have just missed the arrival to Maryland of Elder Goodman.  We hope to see him and his family soon.

A shout out to Spring and have a wonderful Easter.