Friday, April 25, 2014

Devon and Karin Tolley's October Announcement

The Tolley's are doing great. We have two cats Oats and Ruby, they love to play and sleep. We are grateful to be living in our first home for the past year. It is a three bedroom twin home that has amazing views of Utah Lake. Devon recently decided to make a change from going to school at BYU to UVU. His goal is to get his Ph. D. in Anthropology/Humanities with an emphasis in the how the personification of death is used in literature, art, music and culture. UVU has a wonderful integrated studies degree that will allow him to focus on both anthropology, the humanities and thanatology- the study of death and grief. He then wants to get his masters degree in Thanatology at one of the five schools, mostly on the east coast. We will see where we end up. Karin is working for a medical/dental claims clearinghouse keeping their operations department running as well as managing their business analyst/regulations department. She sits on the executive committee which has inspired her to go for her MBA. She is graduating with her bachelors degree in psychology in just a couple of weeks. We thought she might take a break as she has been going to school and working non stop for five years but the MBA program is calling. We have been serving as primary teaches of the CTR 6 class for the past nine months and loving it. We recently had to stop due to Karin being immunocompromised. 
Somewhere in all of this we managed to be blessed with starting our own eternal family. We are expecting the first Tolley baby in early Oct. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to become parents. This is also the reason Karin has become immunocompromised. The Dr.s tell us it isn't a really big deal and can be taken care of after the baby is born but until then she has to avoid children (other than close family members), large groups of people, those who have traveled abroad or to places where there have been outbreaks of MMR or other diseases that people can be immunized for. 

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