Monday, May 30, 2011

Nonoa and Pere to Marry in the Hamilton, New Zealand Temple

We are getting married on Saturday the 11th of June. It has and will continue to be a beautiful journey. It began in the Temple and we have felt the spirit guide us and always pray for its continued guidance as we begin our new life together.

Kami Orr Takes on New Job

I got a job working for Americorps VISTA at the United Way. I start at the end of July, and could not be more pumped about it! I really wanted this position. It opens me up to learn new things that are important, and I will be using some of my acquired skills (including Spanish).

Kami pictured here on a BYU outing.

Graham to Marry McMillan

Joshua Graham and Arianna McMillan announce their engagement and will marry in the Laie Hawaii Temple on June 14th.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hayes and Bale to Marry

Jared Hayes and Lora Marie Bale have announced their engagement and will marry in the Reno Nevada Temple on the 17th of June.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stutznegger and Ceballos Marry

Heidi Stutznegger and Ivan Ceballos have announced their marriage in the Salt Lake Temple scheduled for the 17th of June.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Andy Yocom Reports

So here is a little update with me i suppose: I work for the
Corporation of the Presiding Bishop (or in other words the church!). I
work for Local Unit Support at the north church office building in
Salt lake City, UT. I actually got a call from the Brandon Ward Clerk
from the Brandon Stake and i had served in that ward for six months!
That was neat. I am a senior at Weber State University, i graduate in
december with a bachelors in business administration with an emphasis
in finance. I am un-married. Dating a few girls right now but nothing
serious. I played football for two seasons after i got home and they
were both a lot of fun. I quit after last season because my neck was
having some issues the doctor wasn't okay with, and i was just plain
ole worn out from it all. It was a good run though. Other than that, i
have started doing some fun things such as hunting and fishing. I read
lots and just read a fantastic book titled "Unbroken." It was about a
world war two p.o.w. if any of you are into that.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Josy Petit Cross Country Adventures

Josy Petit and her brother, Brendal, have enjoyed an interesting and enjoyable cross country road trip. Among many stops was a visit to the Florida Tampa Mission, renewing old friendships and seeing the fruits of her labors from her mission. Another stop included a visit with the grandmother of Jenna Claypool (Sister Petit trained Sister Claypool in mission days). Currently Josy and Brendal are in DC for their sister's college graduation. The trip will then continue to NYC for a brief stop and then head back West to Orem, Utah for final destination.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Colton Hickman Update

Dear Friends,

Well, this week was very interesting. Monday at 4 am I woke up with a very swollen head, on the left side. This progressively worsened and finally we went and saw my surgeon who highly suggested that I go back in and have another surgery to check for infections. I came to after the surgery to learn some great things. There was no infection, this was a reaction that sometimes happens right after the surgery and it was just foul luck that it happened so long after. So, they just cleaned me up and sent me home. So, I went back a few steps with hair growth and hiding my scar. This weekend was stake conference and we had a visiting general Authority, Elder Kent F. Richards. Who stopped by my house Saturday and shared some thoughts. He also gave me a very special blessing. I'll send more details next week, sorry I'm so late in emailing, you all have a great week.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Barlow and Manolis to Marry

Sam Barlow and Jennifer Lynn Manolis will marry in the Salt Lake Temple on the nineteenth of May. They plan to make their home in the Cambridge, Massachusetts area where they will be furthering their education.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pierce Family Make the Move

Steven and Jesse Pierce packed their goods and belongings and headed East. With a hankering for politics and all things Democratic, they have landed in Washington, DC. Steve will attend George Washington University by night to work towards his masters degree while day-lighting with a paying job in the political sphere of DC. Jesse too will pursue a job either at the university (GW) or in the greater Washington area. They are living in Alexandria, Va.

Steve and Jesse paid a visit to the Coltons. They are seen here in the pebble garden and if you look very closely at the picture you will see how the Coltons attempt to protect their flowers from the herds of deer that roam freely through their yard. Eat your hearts out all you deer hunting lovers. We need only step out side our door to see deer eating away at anything green (trees and bushes) or beautiful (flowers)! How can this be just 30 minutes from DC?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

East Young Lady

Pictured is Shauna Stewart and her brother James as they traveled through Winter Quarters feeling very grateful it was spring and that they were in a car rather than a covered wagon.

Shauna and her brother James embarked on their journey East the end of April, after graduation from BYU. Shauna will work in the Washington, DC area as a personal assistant for a foreign correspondent covering the White House and Capital Hill.

Howdy Howdy

Dakoda John here - I just finished my second semester here at BYU, actually a couple weeks ago. To tell you the truth I am finally settling down now. School is intense but I am doing my best. I am still in Provo right now, I have a couple more weeks to go for track. I have jumped 6' 8" so far this season so I didn't loose my hops while I was on my mission :-) I still need to jump 6'10" to qualify for regionals, which is the end of May. Also I changed my major from civil engineering to construction management. President Colton I should have listened to you sooner. I am excited for it though. It is going to be a lot more hands on than civil engineering. Thanks for the advise! Wendy and I are doing great. I actually have some big news for ya........We are going to be having a baby BOY in September!! We are real excited!

Hickman Hangs Tough

Colton Hickman will undergo radiation therapy to wipe out any potential lingering cancer cells not captured by the earlier surgery. He says, "Everyone is very optimistic about this and what's going on." Colton also remains positive and assured that all will be well.

Colton continues to work at theater which he really enjoys. It seems to be a place to see lots of friends and to meet the public.

To Colton - all of us from the Florida Tampa Mission keep a prayer in our heart for you to remain strong as you proceed through your therapy.