Friday, May 20, 2011

Andy Yocom Reports

So here is a little update with me i suppose: I work for the
Corporation of the Presiding Bishop (or in other words the church!). I
work for Local Unit Support at the north church office building in
Salt lake City, UT. I actually got a call from the Brandon Ward Clerk
from the Brandon Stake and i had served in that ward for six months!
That was neat. I am a senior at Weber State University, i graduate in
december with a bachelors in business administration with an emphasis
in finance. I am un-married. Dating a few girls right now but nothing
serious. I played football for two seasons after i got home and they
were both a lot of fun. I quit after last season because my neck was
having some issues the doctor wasn't okay with, and i was just plain
ole worn out from it all. It was a good run though. Other than that, i
have started doing some fun things such as hunting and fishing. I read
lots and just read a fantastic book titled "Unbroken." It was about a
world war two p.o.w. if any of you are into that.

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