Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pierce Family Make the Move

Steven and Jesse Pierce packed their goods and belongings and headed East. With a hankering for politics and all things Democratic, they have landed in Washington, DC. Steve will attend George Washington University by night to work towards his masters degree while day-lighting with a paying job in the political sphere of DC. Jesse too will pursue a job either at the university (GW) or in the greater Washington area. They are living in Alexandria, Va.

Steve and Jesse paid a visit to the Coltons. They are seen here in the pebble garden and if you look very closely at the picture you will see how the Coltons attempt to protect their flowers from the herds of deer that roam freely through their yard. Eat your hearts out all you deer hunting lovers. We need only step out side our door to see deer eating away at anything green (trees and bushes) or beautiful (flowers)! How can this be just 30 minutes from DC?

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Steve Pierce said...

Sister Colton,

So good to see you guys again. Thanks for the hospitality and great breakfast! We really enjoyed it. We'll definitely have to make plans to get together again soon.

Also, Jessie wanted you to have our blog address:

Steve and Jessie Pierce