Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hayes and Bale to Marry

Jared Hayes and Lora Marie Bale have announced their engagement and will marry in the Reno Nevada Temple on the 17th of June.

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Jared said...

Dear Bloggers,
Yes the word on the street is true. Marie and I are getting hitched this friday the 17th of June.
I guess everyone would like a little catch-up story time. Well I came back to Reno, knowing Marie was going to be my first date, but ladies, I was fresh off my mission and still afraid to speak to girls so she kicked my butt a little and finally got me out on my first date. From there we hit things off pretty well, so well that one of our first dates we went ring shopping haha!!! (I've known her since I was 8 so we knew eachother fairly well already for those that are thinking I jumped on that way to quick)
I proposed to Marie the morning of November 11th 2010 and she said YES, of course.
We are both well, working crazily!
Marie is going to beauty school during the day and working nights at the Hyatt Place hotel as of about a month ago.
As far as me, I work two jobs currently. During the week, I work in Round Mountain, Nevada mining gold, and on the weekends I work at the Hyatt Place hotel.
I hope this is a good catcher-up for everyone and hope to see some of you at our wedding!
I love yall,
Jared & Marie soon to be Hayes