Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gabriel and Roxanne Hess Going Gang Busters

Life is going well for Roxanne and myself here in Denver, Colorado. I am closing out my first year of graduate seminary here at Iliff School of Theology, working on my Masters of Divinity. Roxanne and I are very involved in our ward, Washington Park, which is a largely downtown ward. She has a calling in the Relief Society, I am in the Elder's quorum presidency, and we both have a joint calling as Gospel Doctrine teachers. We both have several jobs—I work as a swim instructor now and I also drill with the Army Reserves (my role there is as a chaplain candidate, essentially a chaplain resident/intern with the Army). Roxanne now has four jobs: math tutor, Macy's employee, garden center employee, and landscaping. She just finished out her semester at BYU-Idaho's online program, so she's happily working away.
I leave this summer, in 3 1/2 weeks, to do the Army's entire chaplaincy training, which will last three months and will take place at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. After this I will be 'branch qualified' as a chaplain in the Army, although I will not be eligible to actually be a full-fledged chaplain until I have finished my graduate seminary education, two years from now.
We are enjoying life together. We are happy, spring is in the air, and life is wonderful!

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