Monday, September 22, 2014

I thought I'd give you guys a brief update on life since it's been a while. Roxanne and I are still living happily out here in Denver. Life is beautiful and good and we couldn't be happier. I just got back from Fort Jackson, South Carolina where I spent three months in Chaplaincy basic training (Chaplaincy Basic Officer Leaders Course, or CH-BOLC, pronounced "chuh-bullok"). I also completed a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), which is very much like a chaplain's version of a doctor's residency, and took place at a hospital. This week was the beginning of my second year of my MDIV. Roxanne also starts her Fall semester at BYU-I online tomorrow. We both have part time jobs—Roxanne works at a Garden Center & Store and does landscaping, I am in the Army Reserves and I also teach beginners' swim lessons at Denver University.

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