Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oswald Stars in "Oklahoma"

I noticed I didn't send any pictures with my last email so here are some photos from some of the highlights I've had since I've been home! The first ones are from the musical "Oklahoma". I was cast as the character Jud Fry! It was my first leading role in a show and I loved every minute of it! All of these pictures are from the scenes in the old smokehouse that Jud lives in. If you noticed, my director, who happens to be the bishop of his Green River ward, asked me to grow out my beard. I started growing it in august and it stayed until the end of November. If I had been able to make it to the mission reunion I doubt anyone would've recognized me because of it. It took me over an hour to shave it all off when the show was done and I don't think I'll ever grow a beard again. The next two pictures are from this last September when Jack and Jenny Dickerson from the Brookesville ward flew out to Salt Lake City to receive their endowments! They were the last two I taught and baptized while in Florida. They invited me to join them and it was one of the greatest days of my life to be there with them in the historic Salt Lake Temple! Brother and Sister James from the Brookesville ward also came with them to be their escorts and I enjoyed catching up with them! The last pictures are from the winter concert of the acapella singing group, 88 MILES PER HOUR, or 88 MPH for short. I am the groups vocal percussionist and I also sing baritone and lead in certain songs! This group is my main focus this semester of school as I am know the senior member of the group. We have a concert on May 5th at 7 p.m. here in Rock Springs which we are all very excited for! This year is going by so fast and I can't wait to graduate! I hope everyone has a wonderful spring!

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Anonymous said...

You will never believe but I was in the musical, "Oklahoma" in high school too but just as a dancer and in the chorus. I loved it. Jud is a great character and I would have loved to see you portray him. Best of all, how great to go to the temple with those you taught.

Sister Colton