Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ricardo (Ed) Herrera to Marry Audelia (Auds) Arroyo

Boy has life been fun these past 2+ years. Well for starters I returned home and my Bishop called me to be the Ward Mission Leader which has been the calling I have served in for over 2 years now. No breaks from Missionary work, and it's been great working with these young men, mostly because most of my friends are not members of the church, so they have been able to keep me from regressing from all that I learnereceived my Associates in Liberal Arts with an emphasis on Behavioral Science. Now I've decided to take a small break from school and after a year off, I don't want to go back. But I must. I've spent the past 2 years working a Chase bank and have made a small success in the banker role. A major reason for my break from school was to focus on music again. I was unable to get most of my former bandmates back together due to the fact that most of them had moved out of the state, so I decided to really master the art of recording and music production instead. I am currently producing for 2 local bands as well as working my own recordings and music. In fact, a friend and I have an up and coming album release on iTunes later this summer, which we are both very excited about. I guess the biggest blessing that the mission brought me was the friendship of missionaries I served around. Thanks to knowing Sister Para (Now married to the keyboardists for whom I produce for his band) I was able to meet a beautiful girl(who is shorter than me, which is always a tricky thing to find) whom I was able to take to the temple a few weeks ago to receive her endowments and will be taking to the Newport Beach Temple in August to be married for time and for all eternity! She really is a sweet woman and I'm extremely blessed to have her keep me on a high spiritual plane. Well that's really about all that I have to report on as far as right now goes.

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Audy Arroyo said...

Beautiful !! Your and amazing companion! And now an awesome father! We love you!! I think it's time to update