Saturday, June 2, 2012


     On Friday, June 1st 2012 our dear Kimball Erdman passed away.  With his wife, Dorothy, by his side he endured well to the end the affliction which took his life.  His tremendous faith and belief in God's plan of happiness and growth provided the link between this life and eternity.

     Just days before his passing, President Colton was privileged to sit with Elder Erdman (we still have difficulty just calling each other Kent and Kim - the mission name reference brings back the joy of service).  To the end Kim savored beauty.  His gardens brought him great joy as he had carefully selected each planting and helped it to flourish.  As best he could, he communicated with Kent about the research he has done over the years and intended to publish into book form.  His brilliance and thoughtful connections of historical events will yet find their way to publication.

     Dorothy Erdman has stood tall for all of us throughout Kim's illness.  With unwavering faith and a brightness of hope she has born witness to the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ in her time of trial.  Quoting Dorothy, "Kim passed today (June 1, at 4:50 p.m.) very peacefully.  We will have family arriving at various times all week.  It is a happy time - a graduation party & going away party all in one, and sad only that we'll miss him--so to some extent grieving is self pity (just my personal feelings, not necessarily anyone else's).  So, please don't feel bad for us or for Kim--He lived a full life and was a blessing to all who knew him.  We're just glad he is released from a body that was functioning so poorly."   She has kept her eye on eternity. 

With love and gratitude we give thanks for the privilege to have known and served with Kimball Erdman.  Until we see you again... 

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