Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hello from the Coltons - 15 August 2012

Dear FTM Returnees, 

The time is drawing near for another reunion.  We are so looking forward to seeing you again and hearing about your plans and endeavors and in many cases meeting your family - meaning spouse and perhaps child/children.  How quickly life moves us along.

Our family gathered this summer for a week together which was a real treat for us in that we are now so wide spread across the country and beyond - make that England.  The picture was taken as most of our family was there.  A bit of coming and going was necessary for a busy family.  Our grandson from England remained behind with us after the end of our reunion and will be with us until the end of August.  It has been delightful to have him and a challenge for us to keep an eleven year old busy and involved.  How quickly we forget!  We continue to work toward our interests of writing and studying topics of interest to us.  President Colton is working hard in various capacities to put forth concrete ideas to put the housing finance system on secure footing.  We continue to work in the temple each week and are devoted to our service there.  

May the influence of our loving Heavenly Father reside with you and your loved ones.

President and Sister Colton

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Steve and Donna said...

How Fun- we miss you both :)
The Thompsons in Naples