Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

        What happened to Faye?  We weathered it without a drop of rain or even a scant breeze.  But Hurricane Sandy roared through the East Coast like a freight train bent on destruction.

     Thank you for your phone calls and emails asking about our safety.  We "weathered" the storm with a 24 hour power outage, some branches scattered and leaves blown from the trees.  Other than that it was just a few moments of feeling like we might get our roof blown off and then settled into a very bad wind and rain storm.  However, we just returned from  Connecticut to visit our daughter and her family who live there.  Driving up on Friday, just four days after the storm hit, was a site to see.  Literally hundreds of utility trucks were on the road from as far south as Georgia.  Semi trailers carried generators.  The gas lines along the New Jersey Turn Pike stretch beyond a hundred cars long.  Returning home today found signs at the service stops stating that only license tags ending with an even number could get gas today.  Policemen were stationed there to keep the peace.  The destruction we saw in New Jersey and Connecticut was severe.  So, dear FTM's, we were lucky to have missed such an event while serving in Florida.

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