Monday, May 27, 2013

Trenton Gates in Hawaii

I just wanted to let you and president know that I am here in Hawaii working for Living Scriptures selling the animated DVDs on the Book of Mormon and the other scriptures. If you want to put that on the blog that would be nice.
It's hot and humid just like Florida. But unlike Florida I can sleep every night with the windows open at night and not feel like I am suffocating in my sleep. It doesn't rain as much here as it does in Florida. I got to see Josh Graham and his lovely wife. I am going to be here all summer long. Right now I am on the island of Oahu and will be here till about the middle of June, and then I don't know which island I will be going to next maybe Maui. It's been really challenging for me to be out here; a great tax on faith for sure.

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