Monday, August 5, 2013

David and Katie Folkner Reporting In

We are doing so well right now.  We are very happy with our decisions in the recent past.

Katie and I both graduate in May from Utah State University and absolutely loved it.  Although the 100 hour weeks of thesis grind at the end was quite taxing!  I was lucky enough to have many opportunities out of the gate, including getting full time wages from the Air force Research Lab in Edwards while getting a PhD from USU.  I turned that down though, for a fantastic lifestyle/opportunity at GE Oil and Gas in Minden Nevada.

My job is a general mechanical engineering job, but I'm already getting opportunities to use my fluid dynamics expertise here.  

Here, we live in a very small town.  The entire valley has about 30k people, but we're only about 20 minutes from Carson City and 45 from Reno.  We are also just a stones throw form Lake Tahoe, infact Katie  is working up at the lake.  It is perfect.  We get small town feel on a day to day, arts/concerts and fun activities up at the lake, and big time shopping near by.  We live about 2 miles from my work, so my bike is getting lots of use.  It is truly a great place to live.

We also bought a small house that we just love.  Our neighborhood has several members, but not too many!  Just right!  It's cute, adorable and conveniently located.  And best of all, we got super low interest!  

We have a puppy coming our way in a week.  She is adorable and named Ragnar.  She is a mini australian shepherd to match my high energy.  We are excited to have her in our house.

Between going to concerts, volunteering in backcountry ultra marathons, working, and kayaking we've been keeping busy.  We are crossing the atlantic to go on a cruise out of Venice with Katie's family this month and are extremely excited for that too.  My brother isn't too far in San Francisco, so that is going well.

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