Friday, March 14, 2014

Remembering Sister Martina Peck

Dear FTM Missionaries,

Memories of Florida in March are glorious to reflect on especially this year as "March roared in like a lion” here in Virginia.  We are hoping to see it pass “like a lamb”.  The cycle of the seasons brings with it a great witness of God’s hand in restoring life.  Spring, the season of rebirth, is right around the corner.  

We love hearing from you.  It is fascinating to see how much is packed into your lives after a mission in rather short order: work, schooling, finding the one, marrying the one, families growing, new jobs, great life experiences.  So much has happened.  We treasure hearing of your lives in all their unique fashion.  

We wanted to inform you that “one of our own”, Sister Martina Peck, passed away on March 2, 2014 in Mesa, Arizona.  She and Elder Leslie Peck served together on 6 separate missions.  The Florida Tampa Mission was blessed to be among the missions in which they served.  They served with insight, vigor and joy.  A special quality I observed in Martina was  her unwavering sense of excitement for life.  She never held back but found energy and fulfillment in "getting to work".   We will always love the Pecks (and we know we speak for you too).  Their  impact will live long after them.  We send love and blessings of peace and comfort to Brother Peck.

We hope this finds you all well and happy.  Life is good!

Love to all of you,
The Coltons

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