Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Carters Travel to Rome - Temple in Rome

Sister Carter and I just returned from an interesting trip to England and to Rome. 
Rome was particularly interesting because of its' general history and because we were able to visit and see the Rome temple under construction. 
After driving to the temple site, we enjoyed a meal with Brother Champagnie who is a project manager at the temple site.  This beautiful new temple will surely be a blessing to the saints in Italy and undoubtedly will help the missionary work in that land.
Although we could not go onto the premises because of the construction work, it was most interesting to view the temple close up and to imagine the spirit being poured out upon the saints who will be blessed by its construction.
I’m sending this as an email as I am not sure how to update the mission blog. Perhaps others will have an interest in seeing one of the Church’s new temples under construction. 

In one of the pictures is Sister Carter, Br Champagnie, and our Sister-in-law Pam Robinson who joined us on the trip.  As you can see it was a windy day...

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