Thursday, December 11, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Dear Missionaries,

Yes, we will forever call you our missionaries although time and space have moved your lives in many directions since the time you formally served full time missions.  The impact of those mission years works its way into our daily lives still.  We think of you often.   A memory will flash into our thoughts and then we are off to a string of remembrances that put smiles on our faces.

Many of you are now in the trenches of your careers, providing for family and fashioning your talents to make your contribution to humanity.  We get great pleasure hearing about your plans and decisions.  What a variety of paths your choices in compass.  We feel that we are in good hands and can now hand the world over to you.

This past year has been bound up with doing whatever we figured we could not do for another three years.  That meant lots of travel both for pleasure and interest as well as an abundance of time spent with children/grandchildren.  From the Isle of Capri to the shores of the Pacific instilled in us a renewed love and appreciation for this beautiful world.  We are now two months in with serving as President and Matron of the Washington, DC Temple.  We never guessed how much we would enjoy this service.  It has been wonderful.  We see some of our missionaries from time to time which is pure joy.  We even see some of your parents.  We would love all of you.  Come to DC!!!

Our commitment to Jesus Christ grows ever deeper as we bind our lives to Him.  We are grateful for his love and desire to help us be more than we could hope to be without Him.  To one day return to Heavenly Father through the merits of Jesus Christ is a goal worth striving for.  We are grateful for the long view of life beyond mortal life to secure perspective and direction beyond the norm.  Remember, we used to say in the mission field, "Keep your eye on the ball" -  meaning look to eternity.

 Please forward this on to any missionaries you might know who may not get this.  We have an incomplete email contact list to our sadness.  We love being connected to you.  And do let us know what is in your lives.

Much love,
President and Sister Colton


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