Sunday, February 22, 2015


Just wanted to update you on how the Palmers are doing. We are doing great. We bought our first home in September of 2014 in Taylorsville to be closer to Ryan's job and family. Enjoyed a family vacation this past weekend to the beauty of Arches National Park.

Ryan: Currently working for the Publishing Service Department of the Church.

Tiva: Still teaching History, her fourth year, Tiva was awarded Coach of the Year for her region for Girls Soccer. Ryan is proud of her, Tiva is humble about it. Tiva is also 6 months pregnant with our second child and daughter. Yes we are having another little girl.

Abby: She is almost 2 years old, how time flies by. She loves nursery. Her personality has really taken off, she bring smiles and laughter into our lives.

This will be Tiva's last year teaching we have decided it is time for her to be a stay home mom and nurture our children. We are acting upon faith but we know it is what the Lord has plan for us.

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