Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dave Glauser Shouts Out from Spain

Hello to all my FTM friends! I enjoying keeping up on everyone on the
blog. I am currently studying at the University of Oviedo on the north
coast of Spain. I attend a small branch here and will be going on
splits with the missionaries here later this week. When the program
ends in 2 weeks I will be traveling through Germany, Switzerland,
Spain, and France with some friends. I will also be running with the
bulls in Pomplona Spain on July 7th. Next year will be my senior year
at the University of Utah. After several injuries on my knee and
ankle I decided to give up lacrosse. I miss it a lot but i think it
was for the best. In August I will be participating on Student
government and hopefully getting ready for grad school. About a month ago I
got a call from a national fraternity who asked if they could set up an
interview with me. They eventually asked me to help open and be the
vice president of a new chapter of a greek fraternity at the U called
Delta Sigma Phi. One of my best friends is the President and we have a
great vision of what we want to create. We will be the only dry
fraternity at the U. For the remainder of the summer I will be working with a
fruit company transporting the fruit from the farms to the vendors. The picture
is on the top of Mount Naranco that has a Christ statue that overlooks the
city of Oviedo.
-Dave Glauser

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