Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Summer from the Coltons

Dear Returned Missionaries of the FTM,

Happy summer, 2011. It is sweltering here in Virginia. I hope you are fairing better in the west. Time passes quickly. We think of you often and talk about the many paths and contributions that will be yours. Often we receive wedding announcements and we are so pleased to be remembered and a part of this monumental step in your lives. Phone calls and emails have kept us up on many of your lives. We always love hearing from you. It is simply a joy to have two years/eighteen months – as a foundation for a life long and eternal friendship.

We report that the trip to Kirtland with the youth of our stake was a memorable and rich experience. About 140 youth participated this year. They were well taught having had church history as part of their seminary curriculum this year. Therefore, the experience in Kirtland was particularly poignant and meaningful. The sacrament meeting in the Kirtland temple was very sacred. The following day, the testimony meeting held in the Kirtland Stake Center went on for three hours. Were it not for the waiting buses, we could have gone on for much longer. However, we had to bring the meeting to a close. The testimonies born by these young people were focused on the gospel of Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, and the blessings of the restoration; especially the sacrifices of the Prophet Joseph. It was a riveting and spiritual meeting. We are grateful that we were able to be there.

President Colton continues his involvement in his profession life. He is involved in thinking through housing policy and financial issues facing our country. A lot happened in this area while we were on our mission. I continue my passion for writing children's stories, always hoping for a break in the wild and wooly world of publishing. Together we spend our most treasured time visiting our grandchildren and working in the Washington, DC temple. We really love being in the temple.

As you know, the FTM Reunion will be held September 30th in the Draper Crescent View Stake Center located at 11626 South, 300 East in Draper, Utah from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. We will begin with a brief meeting in the chapel and then enjoy eating and visiting for the rest of the evening. We hope to see you there. We also remind you to check the mission blog:

Please email me any updates on yourself for me to post.We hope this finds each of you well, happy and progressing

With love,

President and Sister Colton

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