Thursday, August 25, 2011

Alan Alami Checks In

Alami Family:

Our life together has been so special. We have truly been blessed as a family. This summer we had many opportunities to visit the temple. We participated in the temple sealings of many of friends, and watched as those we loved received their endowments. It was great to see our friends enter into the covenant of marriage!

Other things we did included traveling to Florida to visit people I taught and worked with on my mission. We spent a day in the Orlando Temple and had the opportunity to participate in a Spanish Session. It was a great opportunity that neither of us had experienced. I learned that I could understand the ceremony equally as well in Spanish as in English, and my wife and her family gained a more firm appreciation of the gospel being preached to all nations. Being with so many Hispanics this summer has inspired my wife to learn Spanish! She is currently studying daily using the ‘Rosetta Stone’ program. Disney World was a MUST, while we were there. We met up with the in-laws to spend a weekend together. We even made matching T-shirts with Disney characters on them!

We are both working and doing our best to prepare for the rest of our family. I work for ChemDry a carpet cleaning company. Katina graduated back in May with a degree in Elementary Education. She currently substitute teaches during the day and works part time at a movie theater. We are both saving money and living well within our means.

I am continuing school, now with only two semesters to go! We are seeing the hand of the Lord in our lives in many ways. I changed my major from Business Marketing to Spanish with a minor in Business. I am also planning to seek a Masters in Business Administration in the future. It truly is a miracle, since I can obtain a Masters degree in Business and a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish in the same (in the classroom) time it would have taken me to obtain a Bachelor’s in Business Marketing. This will enable me to finish school early and begin work as I prepare to seek my Masters.

We are so grateful for the many people in our lives that have helped us thus far. On June 18th, 2011 we celebrated our first year of marriage. We are still going strong and are very much in love.

Les queremos a todos!


Alan and Katina Alami

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