Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An Earthquake and a Hurricane

Dear friends,

The days are drawing near for the Florida Tampa Mission Reunion. It will be a joy to see you again. We reflect often on the years we spent together in the work of the Lord.

Life has not been dull here on the East Coast. Our grandson, Adam, has been visiting us from England for the past month. We traveled with him to California so we could all be part of our granddaughter, Lily’s baptism. Besides showing Adam around Washington, DC and teaching him the American version of history (those Brits might try to dissuade him) we threw in an earthquake and a hurricane. And speaking of hurricane, what is the deal here? We spent three years in hurricane prone Florida with a no show on hurricanes and get back to Virginia and there you have it! We actually made it through with only one tree down. While some complained that the storm didn’t equal the expectations of the media, we were GRATEFUL!

See you in September!

President and Sister Colton


Steve and Donna said...

sometimes that's just the way it is- after all it is a Her- icane!

Unknown said...

That is something else! I am glad all is well.....But you are forgetting about Hurricane Fay. Hahaha It was a real doozy. Can't wait for the reunion!
Dakoda John

Kathryn said...

Oh, yeah - Fake Faye as it came to be known. At least all the sisters had a free day at the mission home.

Preston Lloyd said...

We really enjoyed the recent mission reunion. It made us feel that we had come to visit family