Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Letter from the Coltons

                                                       President Colton's domestic side.

24 April 2013

Dear FTM Missionaries,

                  It has been some time since we communicated with you as a group.  We trust that you are progressing well in your education, life’s work and if the time is right for you, in your special relationships and your family.  It is pure joy for us to hear from you and learn first hand what you are doing.  We greatly enjoy updates, pictures, announcements;  all things relating to your lives.  Since we rarely go on Facebook, we have to use the tools of the caveman to get our information.  So be mindful of us.

                  As usual, April conference was a spiritual and directional uplift for us.  We are grateful for men and women inspired to guide us as the world is changing in many ways; some good and some not so good.  To see the faith and integrity of many like yourselves who are unmoved as right is abused and twisted to look wrong and wrong is twisted to look right, we take heart.  “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15)

                  We hope you will take a moment from time to time to peek into the blog.  We keep posting some information but there will be a lot more if you send your information to Sister Colton.  So many good things are happening in your lives that we are sure your former companions would love to hear about it.  And not just on Facebook!

                  Our email addresses for all of you are incomplete.  Many of our missionaries who returned home after we returned are not on my file.         The blog address is: floridatampamission-colton.blogspot.com      Please forward it to anyone you think might have an interest in the blog.  There are some recent posts, and you need to find out who is getting married and who has just paid a recent visit to Washington DC.  and a face from the past for you to identify.   Leave us a comment.  If you have an e-mail address that changes, please let us know that also.

                  The Colton’s are doing well.  President Colton is still trying to solve the country’s housing finance problems and was recently made a sealer in the Washington DC Temple.  If any of you choose this temple to be married and sealed, he would love to be part of it.  Sister Colton is also a temple worker and very busy being a grandmother and preparing to publish a children’s book about her great, great grandmother from Denmark.

We send our love to each of you,

President and Sister Colton
936 Spring Hill Rd.
McLean, Va   22102

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TK said...

I just got married on March 28th in the Orlando temple to Jordan Cox. We met here at BYU and it turns out she is from Auburndale FL on the lakeland stake which is one of 2 stakes I never served in. We are living in UT and I am finishing up on finals then headed to Las Vegas for an open house. Then cruise in May and my wife's sisters wedding at the end of May. Happily married for time and all eternity. Loving life and just found out I will be a pilot in the air force as soon as I graduate which will be in Aug 2014 then headed to training. Love you Coltons!
Elder retired Trevor Andreasen