Thursday, January 6, 2011

Audrey Nonoa Graduates - BYU Hawaii

Aloha fellow FTM brothers and sisters!
Just wanted to drop a few lines and let you all know what I am doing with my life!
I recently graduated with a Bachelors in Social Work and am now currently back in New Zealand looking for jobs, with hopes of attending graduate school back in Hawaii later on this year. The last 3 months of my degree I was actually living in LA and working at an inner city High School as a Pupil Services and Attendance Counselor, something very unique and awesome about this school was that 99 % of the school population are Hispanic - so I felt so blessed to be able to serve another mission!! Hahaha....the atmosphere and environment was so much like living in Tampa, with hispanic food, people and music all around me...Something quite funny actually is that when I first started I had to ring a lot of parents to speak with them about their children either being drop outs or not attending school, now I am used to making such phone calls in spanish to investigators asking why they didnt come to church or to an appointment, so when I first started making these calls, I would say "Porque no estas veniendo a la Iglesia" "Why are you not coming to Church" was funny for me anyways because I had to get used to saying escuela (school) instead of iglesia (church) and Senor/Senora instead of Hermano/Hermana!
But I thoroughly loved my time there and just feel so blessed to have served a mission because it has helped me in so many ways, especially with my degree and the opportunities that have opened up for me...
I am now the proud Aunty of two and am awaiting a third one to arrive sometime near the end of this month. Also one of the lovely young men that we taught in Tampa is awaiting his mission call! So the blessing and tender mercies still continue, well after the mission.
I hope you all know that if any of you ever decide to come to New Zealand or are just passing through, please let me know because you will always have a place to stay if needed!
Oh yeah I also got to have breakfast with Elder L.Tom Perry before the BYUH commencement, that was awesome eating eggs, bacon and toast with an Apostle - with him and President Wheelwright who both know President and Sister Colton very well!

Okay, sorry for my short novel.....
May Love, Peace and the Lords greatest blessing be yours as you continue to share your lives with others this year.


Kathryn said...

What incredible experiences you are having. Love that Spanish!

Kent and Kathryn Colton said...

Congratulations on your graduation. It is wonderful to hear all the great things you are doing.

President Colton