Saturday, January 29, 2011

News From the Pearsons

Hello friends!

Well, I’ve been meaning to send the Coltons something for the blog for a few weeks now to update everyone on my life. Since getting home I returned to BYU hoping to study Media Arts. After the application process my first semester back I was admitted into the program emphasizing in Critical Studies and New Media. Pretty much that means that I am studying how the Internet and Social Media affect society and how people represent themselves using these media. I’m a big nerd, but you all know that.

Soon after getting accepted into the program I met the most wonderful women in the world and married her six months later. Jamie is studying Family and Consumer Science at BYU and we are living in Provo. She works at the bakery on BYU campus and loves it there. I am currently working as a film editor a BYU funded program called Hallow Ground, Sacred Journeys working on documentaries about church history sites.

We graduate in about a year and a half and I plan on attending graduate school somewhere… we’re still looking into where that will be. It’s been a great year and we love life.

Proverbs 17:17

David and Jamie Pearson


Kathryn said...

Is the blog considered social media? What an interesting field of endeavor you are pursuing. I would like to visit with you about your research. As good as married life is now, it even gets better! Hard to believe, huh.

Kent and Kathryn Colton said...

That is a beautiful wedding picture. When you are thinking about graduate school be sure to think east -- like in the Washington DC area!!

President Colton

David said...

This blog is social media. In fact I have my own blog where I talk about all different sorts of aspects of blogging and soon spirituality in LDS film (that's my next series of posts. You can check it out here