Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Paxman and Andrea Hatch Get Married

I got home July of 2009 and started going to school. I also served in the singles ward for a year as the first counselor in the elder's quorum. We had an opportunity to reorganize the entire home teaching program, and it was a great experience. I dated for that whole year with no promising out come. However, on March 12, 2010 I took Andrea Thayne to a UVU vs. BYU rugby game. She had a mission call for Brazil. I kept asking her out often. I decided that if we were to marry it would have to be soon. After some temple visits and only 3 weeks of dating I told her that if she doesn't go on her mission I would marry her. She spoke with her dad, prayed and decided that she would not go on her mission. I proposed to her at the Manti Temple, on the hill by the East doors. We were doing baptism's for the dead with the Oak Canyon singles ward. It was a great success story for the singles ward (I thought they deserved a proposal at one of their activities given I had found her at one of the activities.

We were sealed in the Jordan River Temple on August 14, 2010. We turned half my parents basement into an apartment. We live there now. I work for an information security company called Security Metrics. Andrea works for a company called Access Title, as an Escrow assistant. I start school today! I am continuing pursuing my PharmD and MBA. I am also going to try to fit in a bachelors in Computer Science along the way if I can manage.

We just got two callings. We teach the 6 year olds in primaray. We also serve as assistant stake sport coordinators. Life is great. We pray together, live close to family and feel extremely blessed. We are hopefully moving into a house we have been waiting on in Orem that is closer to both our jobs, where we can start a family.


Kathryn said...

High fives for the singles ward!

Kent and Kathryn Colton said...

This is a great story of persistence and love. Congratulations on your new life together.

President Colton

Martin said...

My brother-in-law, Mike Klingler, worked for Security Metrics for a while. Last I checked he works for L3.

--Martin Carney

Anonymous said...

Haha, well this wasn't for the blog, more for President and Sister Colton, but oh well. I miss you two!